Imagine someone who loved video games all their life and wanted nothing more than to create their own, who learned to do exactly that—and then, in a blind, passionate, nerdy frenzy of using these newfound skills, developed an over-use injury and had to give up both playing and creating games for nearly a decade; and who, in the interim, by dint of being blocked from practice, was forced to embrace that ugly mother, theory. Such a person makes things like Tiled Text or Lucidity.

I'm also interested in better ways of sharing and arguing ideas, better ways of writing programs (both in terms of tools and methodology), better was of interacting with software in VR and AR, and better ways of developing 3D assets for games or simulations.

I'm also generally interested in working with startups, helping to build new software of pretty much whatever type from the ground up.

I have a decent track record for coming up with original ideas that other people end up finding interesting and useful, so I might be a decent person to pay reasonable rates to research and develop prototypes in various problem domains.

More info at my LinkedIn, Angel List, and Github profiles.